The Creative Process

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As a painter Finne is a full on maximalist, as a counterreaction to the strict norms of minimalism. Her project is to take the contradictions and contrasts within the medium of painting and force them to work together within the same picture. One of her goals is to bring together the classical traditions with the abstract and expressionistic.

Finne approaches her paintings and themes almost like a director of theatre. She creates a story by moving the elements she places on the canvas around until the right expression is achieved. Finne manipulates different contrasts and techniques in order to achieve her dynamic and intense expressions, and she seeks to evoke physical sensations as a way to connect with her own, and the viewers, emotions. She does this by putting different emphasis on brush strokes and textures on the canvas, or by putting colours against each other, like an acidic yellow against a more fragile purple hue, or a bold neon pink against earthier tones. The paintings consist of layers upon layers of acrylic paint, pieces of coal and other elements.