Henriette Emilie Finne

Artist & Painter



The project “Guilt and Innocence”. A project consisting of more than 22 separate works.

Sevral of the works are compound, sush as diptycon or triptycon. One of the works consists of more than 114 small paintings. None of the works have been shown in any gallery yet. I have been working on the project sinse 2015.  > more


Interview Scan Magasin 

Artist of the month. March-April 2020 > more



Galleri Allmenningen

f.o.m: 24. oktober > more 

Galleri Labro, Sølvgruvemuseene

Seperate exhibition 8. August –  6. September. Kongsberg > more

Galleri Rød

Seperate exhibition 2. May – 14. june. Jeløy, Moss  > more

Galleries That Convey My Art

Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen

Gulden Kunstverk. Drammen


“ Everything Henriette Finne does has a profound effect on me!”.
Ketil Bjørnstad, Norwegian writer and musician.

Preparations for my separate exhibition at Gulden Kunstverk 2018

Musiker: Greg Mischyshyn