Artist book 2022


The book consists of 131 pages filled with large, high-quality color images, a documentation and presentation of the art project «Skyld og uskyld», (trans. «Guilt and Innocence»). The entire project consists of more than 22 separate works of art. The tittle work is five meters long and consists of 108 small paintings.

The Project was shown in its entirety at The Gallery Gulden Kunstverk in spring 2022.
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In short chapters, I write about the process, and about the thoughts behind some of the artworks. «Nature’s order and chaos» are keywords that can be mentioned as one of the main themes.

The texts are written in both Norwegian and English.

The book has three fold-out pages, which means that the largest pictures have been given extra space. This makes the book a bit playful, while also making the book more exclusive. All three fold-out pages are inserted and folded by hand.

All in all, the book is a small work of art in itself.
A coffee table book for those who love and are interested in art

Created by Henriette Emilie Finne
in partnership with
Francis Seitz Finne. (AHO. Design. Oslo).

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1.  One book 550,- NOK
2.  Two books 1000,- NOK
If sent by mail, postage is added to the price.

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The book is sold at galleries that represents the artist (they might add an addition in price).

The process behind printing the book

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