Corona measures


Due to increased expenses in general and as a result of corona measures on the courses, the course fee now increases by NOK 50,- per hour from 2021, making the total price per hour NOK 375, – (The course fee has been unchanged for the last 7 years).

Measures that have been and will be taken on the courses to avoid infection:

1. Wash hands when student arrive.

2. Hand alcohol on all hands after eating.

3. Painter shirts are washed together after each course at 60 degrees.

4. Brushes and pencils are placed in soapy water (the entire brush) before cleaning at the end of the day.

5. I use face masks, due to face to face teaching.

6. Painting-canvas, chair backs, door handles, light switches, handrails down to the WC the children use, and the toilet, shower with surface alcohol before and after the course.

Any children who are a bit sick, and snotty children can not come to painting courses now. It has far too great consequences.


Regarding stomach illness, diarrhea, vomiting in the family, please don’t send your child to the course.