Henriette Emilie Finne

Artist painter


Henriette Emilie Finne, Norwegian painter born in 1966. Had her debut in 2000. She has a Master of Arts degree, with a Major, from The National College of Art and Design in Oslo (SHKS), from what is today the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, now called KHIO. She has been present at several galleries the last years and has been purchased by well-known companies. Grown up and lives in Oslo.

1989 – 1994: 4 1/2 year.  The National College of Art and Design, (SHKS) Oslo. Norway
1997 – 1998: 1 year. PPU – Practical pedagogy for artists. HiOA – College, Oslo og Akershus. Norway.

Member of :    
LNM – National Federation of Norwegian Painters
NBK – Norwegian Visual Artists’ Association

Book launch
2017 : Artist book – By Henriette Emilie Finne

2018: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2018: Gulden Kunstverk. Drammen. Hokksund
2016: Galleri EKG. Hamar
2015: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2015: Hole Artcenter. Tyrifjorden. Ringeriket
2014: Gulden Kunstverk. Hokksund
2013: Rådhusgalleriet. Oslo
2013: Engø Gårdhotell. Arr. Galleri Semmingsen. Tjøme
2012: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2010: Galleri Henrik Gerner. Moss
2010: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2008: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2007: Galleri Skårer. Lørenskog
2006: Galleri Semmingsen. Oslo
2004: Rådhusgalleriet. Oslo
2004: Rygge kunstforening. Moss
2003: Åsane kunstforening. Bergen
2000: Galleri Pommes de Terre. Moss

Group exhibitions, a selection shown here:
2018: Fineart. Oslo
2017: Galleri Allmenningen. Bergen
2014: LNM – National Federation of Norwegian Painters. Oslo
2014: Hole Artcenter. v/Tyrifjorden
2013: Gulden Kunstverk. Hokksund
2008: Hotell Wassiliof, Galleri Winther. Stavern. Arr. Galleri Semmingsen
2007: Galleri Nevlunghavn. Arr. Galleri Semmingsen
2007: Vinjeutstillingen. Vinje
2006: LNM. Oslo
2006: Galleri Hervold. Hamar
2005: Galleri Semmingsen. Oslo
2002-1: Galleri Hervold. Hamar
1999: Galleri Hartvig. Oslo
1999: ‘Autumn exhibition’ – The Norwegian National Artist Exhibition. Oslo

Purchased by:
2008: Alliance Boots apotek. Oslo
2008: Haraldsplass Diakonale sykehus. Bergen
2007: Fred Olsen Cruise Line, Cruise ship MS. Balmoral
2006: Kunstforeningen Norsk Tipping. Hamar
2004: Norsk forbund for utviklingshemmede. Oslo
2004: Storebrand Kunstforening. Oslo
2003: Gaia Trafikk A/S. Bergen
2003: SAAS-Eiendom. Oslo
2001: Candy Design A/S. Oslo
2001: Norsk Tipping. Hamar
1999: Norrønt Gudemuseum. Gol
1994: Mercuti International. Oslo
1994: Esso. Oslo