Artist book: The Painter – Henriette Emilie Finne


The artist book is mainly a presentation of Henriette Emilie Finne paintings from the period 2012-2014.

Designed by the artist herself, Finne has presented her work throughout the books 90 pages, consisting of colorful pictures of her art supplemented by text, in both Norwegian and English. The book describes thoughts behind selected paintings, what is the driving force to become an artist, and the experience of spirituality in the creative process.

 «The Tamer of Colors» by art historian Espen Borling Josefsen > read more

1. Åpen bok

1.  One book 400,- NOK
2.  Two books 700,- NOK
If sent by mail postage is added to the price.

where to buy the book 
Contact the artist > Contact

The book is sold at galleries that represents the artist (they might add an addition in price).