Henriette Emilie Finne

Artist – Painter

Giclée prints for sale


Prints and prices are the following:

  • GicleeGenuine ensures the highest standard of digital art print.
  • Certificate with stamp and signatures, follows each print and is proof of, and a quality label that the presses hold the highest standard in all parts of the giclee process.
  • Aquarell paper, Hahnemuhle William Turner watercolor paper, 310g / m2.
  • Limited edition of all prints of only 30 reproductions.

Lust – 80 x 55 cm. Print kr 8 500,-  Edition 30
Birds Flying High – 73,5 x 55 cm. Print kr 8 500,-  Edition 30

HEF-MA-0005-001 FUGLEVISKEREN 75X150 – Kopi
1. Fugleviskeren – 55×111 cm. Print. kr.  9 800,-  Edition 30               2. Fugleviskeren – 100×200 cm. Obs!  Big print on canvas. kr. 20 000,-  Edition 30
Green 110x180 cm
Green – 55×90 cm.  Print. kr.  8 500,-  Edition 30

HEF-MA-0003-001 SERENITY 236 kBSerenity – 55×85 cm.  Print. kr. 13 000,-  (18 prints left). Edition 30

HEF-MA-0004-001 A PERFORMANCE 283 kB
A performance – 55×86 cm. Print  kr.  8 500,-  Edition 30
       Head – A performance  55×80,7 cm. Print. kr.  8 500,-  Edition 30
Lillies I: Birth 110 x 170 cm
Lillies I: Birth – 85 x 55 cm. kr. Print 9000,- Edition 30

To order, please contact the artist. Invoice must be paid before delivery. Frame is not included in the price. In addition, a statutory fee of 5% goes directly to BKH – The artist’s auxiliary fund.

Giclée are digitized originals and the reproductions are signed in limited edition. These prints are from professional photography of original artwork and are to replicate as close to the orignal in terms of color and sharpness. The digitized image file have a resolution of at least 240 ppi and produced on a photo printer for high quality art prints with a print resolution of at least 720/1440 dpi. The printer have a color variety equivalent to Adobe RBG, and the ink should stay color correct under glass for at least 50 years.


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