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«Skyld og uskyld»
The projects title work, «Guilt and Innocence» consists of 108 small acrylic paintings on wood boards (2015 – 2021).

The size of the work and its repetitive nature is meant to refer to militant order and discipline. The male infants represent life in general, the free and unstructured.

In this work, I seek to illustrate the internal conflicts in humans as well as in nature, such as order and chaos and different interpretations of good and evil. I raise the eternal question of guilt, and if and when we are innocent.

«When many boys are born, there will be war», a statement I heard after giving birth to my first son. When he left for the military at age 19, I experienced that these words came to have a greater impact on me.

Are we born sinful, or is this a consequence of living and growing? Christianity professes the concept of original sin and the human lack of godliness.

My goal has been to create different dialogues and communicate on a more intuitive and perhaps spiritual level, and hopefully contribute something new to these eternal questions.


Skyld og uskyld (trans. Guilt and Innocence) 500×250 cm

Are we born guilty, or do we become guilty as we live? Inherited guilt is a Christian concept which claims that each human is born with guilt. In addition to the sin we inherit, this concept also includes our sinful tendencies and lack of godliness. 


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