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«Skyld og uskyld»
The project’s title work, «Skyld og uskyld» (trans. Guilt and Innocence) 500 x 250 cm. The piece consists of 108 small acrylic paintings on wooden canvases.

The size of the piece and its repetitive compilation reflects military order and alignment. The newborn represents life, nature, the free and the unstructured.

In this piece, “Skyld og uskyld”, I attempt to aim the spotlight at the oppositions that I believe are innate in humans and nature, such as order and chaos, and perceptions of good and evil. The piece also questions the concept of guilt and asks “when are we guilt free?”

Skyld og uskyld (trans. Guilt and Innocence) 500×250 cm

“When lots of boys are born, there will be war,” is a saying I was told when I had my first son. When he went off to his initial compulsory military service 19 years later, this statement had an even greater impact on me. 

Are we born guilty, or do we become guilty as we live? Inherited guilt is a Christian concept which claims that each human is born with guilt. In addition to the sin we inherit, this concept also includes our sinful tendencies and lack of godliness.