Henriette Emilie Finne

Artist painter


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‘The creative process’

A gleam of light is one clue, interpersonal relations at both the spiritual and physical levels are another. Myths, legends and symbols attach themselves to the narratives in the pictures, as voices underlying more everyday themes like communications and gender roles.

The technique adopted by Henriette E. Finne is expressionistic, with clear links to contemporary painting.

There is layer upon layer of paint, acrylic. Henriette E. Finne alternates between thick (opaque) and thin (glazing) strokes and surfaces. Some is applied with brush-strokes, some is poured on by the pondful, she sprays and washes and draws coal straight into the picture.

By means of a sharply delimited table-edge or the merest suggestion of a person, by allowing a hand or a leg to appear in an otherwise abstract surface, by such suggestions Henriette E. Finne seeks to lead the beholder in a direction she has in mind herself. The titles also play an important part in this connection.


An art description by Espen Borling Josefsen, Art historian                       
” – Finne is delightfully unafraid in combining figures and colour energies, as unafraid as dreams themselves tend to be. And if dreamsare indeed relevant when viewing


Finne’s paintings there is never any doubt that she is in full control of her dreamscapes. She keeps her characters and colour fields on a tight leash making sure neither of them dominate the canvas. Even when the surfaces are saturated with colour, texture, patterns, and not to forget, energy – there is balance and a sense of equilibrium. Inclusion of mythological characters in art, like the gryphon and the centaur, or birds and horses – together with humans – can be risky, often bordering on the banal. Finne on her part never allows these highly charged figures to dominate, but tames them with her brush, keeping banality at bay……….”